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Man wearing a watch with the Aevitas logo





Brand Identity, Concept, Strategy, Posters


Aevitas is a modern swiss watch designer founded in 2003 with a goal to build one of a kind watches that come with a one of a kind experience. They are known for their exclusive benefits like special invitation-only events that focus on watch technologies and their highly successful charitable work.


Mona Lisa with the phrase "because you're worth it"
Close up of aevitas welcome card
Front of Aevitas shipping box
Back of Aevitas shipping box

Aevitas, the Latin word meaning “lifetime, age, immortality, unending, time”. A word that encompasses everything the brand stands for. Representing time and quality.

The wordmark is all lowercase to show that the brand is confident and doesn’t need to be all uppercase. The V and three lines are designed to represent the hands in a watch. The three lines are also used as an abstract logo for letterheads and other material.

A one-of-a-kind watch with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Close up of aevitas invitation card

Aevitas is, and always will be, a luxurious brand. But what makes it stand out is the exclusivity. Only you will have the watch you make, only you and your personal horologist will be in the store, and any sort of private functions will be completely invitation only.

Open spread of aevitas manual
Aevitas certificate of authenticity
Aevitas certificate of authenticity top down view
Close up of gold stamped signature
Front view of aevitas watch box and shopping bag
Back view of aevitas watch box and shopping bag

The Mona Lisa exudes the emotion of pricelessness and using the painting as the staple for the texture on the back of all assets worked fantastically.

Aevitas poster series with the mona lisa, giza pyramid, and shakespeare

While using the Mona Lisa as the starting point for a poster series, adding two other one of a kind places and people made sense to elevate the idea.

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