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Group of people laughing with the sunset in the background



The Everything Project


Brand Identity, Concept, Strategy, Social Media


With the surge in global warming and how much humans are impacting the earth, the mission is to show how much hemp can help the environment by cutting down the world’s plastic use, using biofuels, less deforestation and many others. Bringing awareness to hemp was the top priority, but doing it in a way that was new and trendy was the real challenge.

The Everything Project

The Everything Project Instagram profile and example posts

The name encompasses what hemp can do. Everything. It's all about bringing awareness to the vast number of benefits that hemp has and how it can change the world and move us away from fossil fuels and lower our greenhouse gas emissions.

​The Everything Project strives to show the world that hemp is the secret to most of the world’s environmental problems. All clothing products are made with 100% hemp and are made ethically in Canada. All profits are used to spread awareness about hemp to the world. The Everything Project will plant 11 hemp seeds with every purchase that is made.

If you can think it, hemp can make it with a field of hemp in the background

For every donation or piece of clothing bought, the customer is given 11 hemp seeds that will be grown in their honour. They can track the hemp on the website to see where, and what, the hemp was used for.

The Everything Project beanie with logo and phrase "if you can think it, hemp can make it"
Another view of The Everything Project beanie with logo and phrase "if you can think it, hemp can make it"
Man wearing a t-shirt with The Everything Project logo on the front
The Everything Project neck label
Another view of The Everything Project neck label
Planting a better future with a garden spade in the backgound
Wooden hemp code token and little cloth token pouch
The Everything Project t-shirt and hemp code token and pouch
Feel good clothing with background image of girl doing a heart shape with her hands
The Everything Project logo

The arrow pointing up represents that the sky is the limit to what hemp can do. The organic sway and design complement the typeface used.

The Everything Project wordmark
The Everything Project brand style tile which inclues colours and typography used
It's about coming together with 4 friends beside eachother smiling in the background
The Everything Project clothing tag

Trendy Hemp Awareness

The Everything Project button pins

Plant11 is part of their social media strategy. It encompasses everything the brand is about. Keeping the same visual identity throughout with posts about nature and friends together. It’s a reminder about what’s at stake.

The Everything Project Instagram story

The posts are spread out with factual information about hemp and people wearing the brands clothing.

Two posters with famous quotes from Henry Ford and George Washington about the benefits of hemp
Poster with a girl wearing a sweater and hugging a scarf with the caption "100% hemp 100% comfy"
Poster with a hand holding a hemp plant with the caption "planting a bette future"
The Everything Project wordmark with a beautiful picture of a river and sunset in the background
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