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The Everything Project


UI/UX, Copywriting, Wireframes


The Everything Project needed a website to educate visitors on the benefits of hemp in the hope to attract customers to then purchase their products. Looking at other websites like Patagonia and Tentree, they use their clothing brand as a starting point to bring awareness to being sustainable. This is relatable to The Everything Project. They have their clothing brand and when someone buys their products, they plant 11 hemp seeds in their honour. The website that they want to make is not necessarily the website for purchasing the products, but the activism and an informational section of that website.

The Everything Project UI/UX Case Study

The Everything Project needed to create the UX of the organization, a website to show information about hemp and a place for customers to track their hemp seeds and possibly donate. 

The Everything Project user journey map
Mockup of The Everything Project website donation page in desktop and mobile view
Full home page mockup of The Everything Project website
Random guy in the outdoors with a mountain in the background


Key Attributes:
Positive. Disposable Income. Wants Change.

Here’s Spencer, a 26-year-old computer scientist who just graduated from university. He was hired right after graduation and makes $130k a year starting salary. He understands the impact fossil fuels have on the Earth and knows it’s time to move to a more, renewable sustainable way of life.

“I’ve heard of hemp before, but I still don’t know what it can do. I know it is marijuana so it must be illegal, right?”


Spencer wants better alternatives to be more sustainable. He doesn’t mind paying a bit more for his clothes if it means that he is helping the cause. He wants a store that promotes those alternatives, educates other people and, if possible, be a non-profit.


Spencer doesn’t know much about hemp and is hesitant to buy products related to marijuana. He knows that it is used for some clothing, but doesn’t know much about the other possibilities. He is also tired of people saying that there is no future in green energy and buying sustainably. He wants a place he can recommend to people that teaches them the benefits of hemp.

The user needs to get to and from one of the most important parts of the website quickly and efficiently. With an abundance of information on the site, I wanted to design a fluent path for customers to input their hemp codes.

Lo-Fi wireframes were done to get a sense of where each section should be and a rough idea of what goes in those sections. Starting with Home – Our Mission – Donate – Contact – Hemp.

The Everything Project UI/UX Style Tile
Mockup of The Everything Project tacking you hemp page in desktop and mobile view
Mockup of The Everything Project web site home page in desktop and mobile view
Mockup of The Everything Project website showing their goals and a educational video by Aidan Goulet
Mockup of The Everything Project app for tracking your hemp
Mockup of The Everything Project app for watching your hemp grow in real-time
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